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Benefits to you

As well as access to a network for Irish in Sweden, membership entitles you to attend the society’s many activities at a discounted rate and to an e-newsletter with information of relevance to the Irish community in Sweden, amongst other things.

If you use Facebook, you can join our members’ group for advance information of events and access to tips and support from other members and their years of experience!

A members' directory to faciliate contact between members, and other members-only information.

Support the Society's mission

Did you know that the Swedish Irish Society has been building friendships since 1949? The Society’s continued existence is a testimony to seven decades of volunteer commitment!

We help Swedes come in contact with Irish people and culture, and we enable Irish people in Sweden, particularly Swedish-Irish families, to continue to experience Irish culture, traditions and language.

As a member-driven organisation, run entirely by volunteers, we are completely dependent on active memberships for survival and input. We have many members who have been with us for years and years, but we also love to welcome new members. Each one brings their energy, enthusiasm and ideas, and ensures we respond to the evolving needs of our community.

All Society board members give their time voluntarily.

Membership fees cover the running costs of the society (printing, banking/payment fees, postage, website hosting, materials), subsidised member registration fees for events, and partial costs of certain events.

Membership fees

Family 300 kr | Individual 200 kr | Pensioner 150 kr | Student 100 kr

* Special price for the first year -  all memberships 100 kr!

Ready to join?

For the sign-up form, more information about the fee and how to pay:

Strengthening the cultural bonds between Sweden and Ireland – and having fun while we do it!

 Founded in Sweden, 1949

Organisation number: 812800-5769

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