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Would you like to support the Society's mission?

The society's activities and events are on the whole self-financed via membership fees and ticket prices...with one notable exception: the St Patrick's Day Parade. Held annually in March, it has grown and grown in recent years, and in  both 2018 and 2019 it attracted over 2000 people. It really brings joy to a lot of people. We gather in a very central location in Stockholm city on a weekend and create quite the buzz. The event is seen by many more; our Facebook event reached over 10 000 people and over 3 000 responded to it. 

In addition to the parade, we like to organise competitions and arrange for discounts throughout the year to create value for our members.

Benefits of supporting

  • Companies can show that they are contributing to society by supporting cultural activities.
  • They can also reach and promote themselves among Irish emigrants to Sweden, or Swedes interested in Ireland, or Irish food/drink/music/culture/travel.
  • Irish companies operating in Sweden are particularly keen to get involved in the parade as they recognise the importance the work the Society does in supporting the Irish diaspora.
We always come to an agreement with what both parties expect from a sponsorship deal.

Ways to support

  • Offer a discount when members produce their card. This could be a once-off code or a long-running discount, and can be located online or in Sweden. E.g. 10 % discount at your pub/restaurant, code for free delivery in your online shop.
  • Donate a prize for the competitions we run occasionally. E.g. free tickets for an event you're promoting with an Irish artist, a gift voucher for your shop for the Best Dressed at the parade.
  • Businesses can sponsor the parade by making donations (e.g. 10 000, 15 000, 20 000, 25 000 SEK). In return we can display your logo on e.g. the website, the stage, the posters/flyers.


We currently partner with Wirströms, O'Connells, The Auld Dub and The Liffey pubs in Stockholm, and have previously had offers with Tolv Stockholm, event promotors and online shops among others.

Sponsors of the 2019 St. Patrick's Day parade were O'Dwyer's Goldsmith, Tourism Ireland, The Irish Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, Gurrasgoda Kök AB, Barry's Tea and Millner's Fish & Chips.

Prizes for our 2019 Christmas party were generously donated by Ballyhoura Ceramics, Paddy Box, My Ireland Box, Little Britain Gamla Stan, Taylor and Jones and Hotel Diplomat Stockholm.

Sponsors of the 2018 parade were O'Dwyers Goldsmith, Kirby Engineering, Silverback Staffing and Tourism Ireland. In 2017, Guinness, O'Dwyers Goldsmith, Wirströms pub and Tourism Ireland were the main sponsors.

We'd like to also acknowledge that we receive occasional grants from the Embassy of Ireland in Sweden and the Irish Government's Emigrant Support Program 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Interested in hearing more? Have you a suggestion? Please get in touch via email!

Strengthening the cultural bonds between Sweden and Ireland – and having fun while we do it!

 Founded in Sweden, 1949

Organisation number: 812800-5769

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